Lynn Loke is a candle-making instructor trained and certified by the Japan Salonais Association, which facilitates candle-making workshops all over Japan and South-east Asia. Lynn has been conducting candle-making workshops since 2018. She hopes to share her passion and teach busy people how they can de-stress through this therapeutic craft.

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What People Say

I’ve attended two of Lynn’s classes on candle making. The aromatherapy candle and the colored candle class. She has a wealth of experience in this area and is very informative and patient with her learners. Would recommend her candle making classes anytime!

A fun-filled session making candles and experimenting with different scents as u create your unique scented candle! A therapeutic session with Lynn on candle making! U might even get a surprise oracle card pull for the day!

The candle making session with Lynn certainly exceeded my expectation of “just learning to make a candle”. She goes through the fundamentals of the scents, what they mean and thereafter, guide you towards creating your own unique scented candle, be it for yourself or a special gift for your friends.