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so you have all the trappings of wealth and success, yet still feel empty inside; or you constantly fight exhaustion from the never-ending chase after that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. have you asked why God would ever demand that you run in circles or work so hard just to be happy? have you not realised how quickly the thrill of having a nice house, a snazzy car, or luxury brands in the closet wear off?


put aside all the “solid proof of happiness” that you’ve fought for, lost sleep over, broken hearts and promises as a result of, all this time. instead, heed the child in you that shares what really lightens the heart and uplifts the spirit – the intoxicating fragrance of sunshine and rain, the moving music that Nature makes, the breathtaking beauty of a baby’s toothless grin. all simple things, easily found and freely given.


let that inner child teach you how gratification and happiness are fleeting, but true joy lasts.

by Jasmine Miller

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