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A visit from a deceased loved one

The butter was somewhat burnt since it was being used to cook scrambled eggs.

"Why do you set the wattage on the electric stove to its highest?"

The eggs are immediately affected by the browning of the butter. That's what I thought at first. I could feel the sigh..... and the eyes rolling. That is a blatant indication, as you could imagine.

Because everything came through so freely, I was unaware that my late mother's spirit was taking part in the inner dialogue.

I briefly remembered how much I missed my mother's lotus seed dessert before I took action. She adamantly asserts that her dish was better than those of other dessert restaurants. And those yummy home-cooked vegetarian dishes. Mum’s variety of vegetarian dishes improved since she started volunteering in the kitchen helping out in the temple.

I was simply not paying attention. I guess I should be concentrating on preparing the eggs instead of thinking about dessert.

“ don’t eat too much-burnt food, it's unhealthy” Can you cook better next time?”

That normal tone has a serious undertone yet it's very loving!

I’ll try to make a better meal next time although I can’t guarantee you’ll give me a pass!

The feeling of love indeed came with the flashes of memories. I reminded myself last week that my mother's passing will be commemorated in March. Her visit was a result.

Thank you for coming. I love you, mum!

These were unmistakable signs of one way our deceased loved ones tried to convey to us their concern and love for us. They occasionally come by to see how we're doing after their passing. The absence of closure with our deceased loved ones could elicit feelings other than love and appreciation.

What takes place during a session of mediumship?

As a medium, I can convey messages from deceased loved ones to help bring about the closure of issues and emotions that might otherwise remain unresolved. Personally having the closure to me brings about a huge relief and inner peace from within. It varies from person to person; some require several sessions. Allow time to heal too.


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