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Animals always show up with open hearts, teaching us self-love and unconditional love

I'd like to express my gratitude and love to St Francis of Assisi for the messages that came through were beautiful.

Animals always show up with open hearts, teaching us self-love and unconditional love. Their presence teaches us about ourselves; it is a reflection of our behavior and personality. How we treat others varies. How do we classify animals as second-class or lower-class?

Animals have pure hearts. They are here to love, to be joyful, and to be loved. There are no distinctions. Animals can be amazing healers, guides, protectors, companions, and playmates.

How many times have we neglected that love?

How many times have we taken them for granted?

How often have we asked someone or passed on the responsibility to a third party and expected them to love our animals/pets on our behalf?

They are aware, fully understand, and accept, but they also have emotions. How little time have we given them, and how many times have we excluded them from our lives? They never abandon us. That is the power of unconditional love.

Animals/pets, like us, is a creations of God. We have so much more potential with our brains and intelligence. Some of us, however, choose to neglect this wonderful gift from God.

Please help the animals by reaching out from your heart to the rest of the world.

Use your heart to love them in the same way that you love your brothers and sisters. Be the voice for them; be their spokesperson.

We help support, but how much devotion have we given?

Please make one small step forward, reach out, and love in your own unique way. You can build bonds with your creativity. Do something to help those who have been abandoned, deserted, or are sick, as well as those who are endangering their lives. Those at risk of being captured or imprisoned for various industrial experiments for health benefits, longevity, selfish discourse, or purely selfish reasons.


Take it in stride; everything begins with you. God bless us with the abundance of resources, and protection we require on this journey. We always turn to God as our source. He who provides, shelters, and loves.


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