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Are sensitive to energy?

A client lights the white sage candle and the White Sage and Lavender in her shop interchangeably.

What’s the difference after lighting the white sage candle or the white sage with Lavender candle?

- The space feels lighter, more at ease.

- Feeling less lethargic, the heaviness of the head is lesser compared to before.


Being in the shop or in a space for the whole day interacting with different people. Engaging the emotions of people. All these mentioned are energies, it stays in the space if you don’t cleanse them. Overtime it starts to accumulate and will affect the environment and people in the space. Which explains why at times you feel uneasy when you step into a space or before entering into a space.


Your body is reacting to the energy of the space.  Some people got affected more than others or instantly because they’re are more sensitive than others.

People in the space reacting emotionally out of the blue because they’re affected by the energy in the space.

Housekeeping includes taking care of the energy in the space. Are you doing it?

The White sage candle,

White sage with Lavender candle is available in the shopping page, candle magick tab

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