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Birds Watching

You've probably noticed how much cats enjoy staring out windows at all the birds chirping in the trees or on the clothes hanging racks if you're a cat lover or a pet parent.

When cats see birds, they are generally happy and interested. The chirping creatures are frequently regarded as easy prey by our fluffy pals. He only wants to catch the little things!

There was a time when a kitty climbed up the window mesh like Spidey! The other prefers to observe from the top of the furniture. They'd stare out the window and want to chase them down if it weren't for the minor inconvenience of being indoors. In cats, this is a natural and instinctive behavior.

Cats make a rattling sound that is similar to "chattering" when they are watching birds. The soft sound could be anxiety or frustration at not being able to reach the bird.

When a cat is obsessed with birds, he may appear tense and fascinated. While bird-watching, notice if your fluffy pal's body is tense and tight. Felines are fascinated by anything that moves quickly.

I've also observed the case of a cat's natural instincts remaining pristine even when our little adopted kittens are fully domesticated after birth. Bird watching can be a stimulating, interactive, and enjoyable activity for cats. It has become one of the fluffy pals' daily rituals at home. Similarly, birds in the position of predators would exhibit their own set of emotions when they observed that direct eye gaze can predict imminent danger.

This is a great example of how animals can pick up on very subtle signals and responses. Environmental awareness is also an in-built natural instinct in the animal kingdom. I'm also guilty of being complacent and deferring decisions to the obvious when situation awareness is called for. Having said that, it is never too late to continue honing our skills.

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