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Message for 25 Dec – 1 Jan 2023

How far are you willing to forgive? What to forgive and how to forgive.

How do I know that I’ve done the forgiving enough? That’s the mind whispering, recognize that, catch it. Reasoning comes from the mind trying to logic it. That’s the capability of the mind. How much do you know about your mind? Have you asked that yourself before?

It appears that you may know your mind, haven’t you? Well well, the mind is far more capable of many things. And it has many facades as well.

It’s been and it has been a constant battle and struggle to quiet “that mind with personality, that persona whom at times surprises you”.

Is the mind a true reflection of you? No, not at all, not totally true

Back to forgiveness… letting go of all of it. Imagine the plate of food, not turning back, not giving it attention, not pushing yourself away. Trying to say sorry. trying to make sense of it.

Forgiveness and willingness to forgive in a manner don’t come from a wounded self. That’s a treatment you have just prescribed to yourself. Does true forgiveness really happen yet? You will find out when something triggers it and someone has unintentionally dug out something you’ve hidden deep to hurt you. If it still bothers you, upsets you to a certain large degree of intensity. That’s the response to have you forgiven or have you forgotten it for a while.

Forgiveness is one of the roots to love. How often do you, make meaning of forgiving people and us? Bitterness is also the conflicting opposition of not forgiving.

The vibration of forgiveness has been the healing for most of us. It has the cure for many interpreted emotions. This onset is timely when it is in the reality of the parties involved.

Look at your family, are you totally not upset or triggered by their behavior even though they haven’t spoken to you?

Do we link forgiveness with letting go? It comes hand-in-hand. Sometimes you get it, sometimes it takes a while due to the intensity of the emotions and the layers of facades on it which had been disguised that its true emotions haven’t been unrevealed yet.

In this festive season, we wish you the courage to look at people with the heart of forgiveness. Not with the heart of charity which you’ve chosen to shut yourself up. Having the love for yourself enough to forgive yourself is the door to opening up the inner eyes to look within and heal.

Recovery is a journey and the path is bright.

Given that you get to choose the time frame, it may be a message for the entire week. For teachings that will come in time.

My sincere love, gratitude, and thanks for the messages that have been sent.

Card deck from Colette Baron-Reid

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