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Fortune of Perservance Don't freeze on the riverbank

Flow with whatever may happen,

and let your mind be free :

Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.

This is the ultimate ~ Zhuangzi

When you are not attached to what you have, you will feel lighter, more powerful, and confident in your abilities to create your own path. And also flow more freely.

Reflection :

If you feel that you are not getting where you want to be, step outside your comfort zone and generate the change necessary to achieve your goals.

Avoid being paralyzed by fear by having faith in yourself.

Perseverance gives you the ability to face whatever comes your way and calmly wait for the right time to act. As you persevere, new doors will open, and you will be led to many opportunities and blessings beyond your wildest expectations.

I persever and live with trust, patience, determination, tender affection, and the intention to be in the flow. So be it!

candle : White sage hand-poured soy wax by lynn

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