Furry Friends Gallery

I offer energy healing, communication with your pets. I also do healing on those who have loved and lost pets and are seeking healing for themselves and their fur babies. These pictures were taken after the sessions of Pet Communications, Pet Healing, Pet Mediumship with permission from clients.

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surprise morning greeting from a fury friend. It makes my day! Thank you

Paws up! It has become such an enjoyable routine for us. I talk to my fur kids daily even when I’m out (telepathy mode) sometimes. I talk to them freely, about my schedule too. They would throw in their two cents’ worth. at times the intent facial expression is so telling. Always present, engaging with an attitude. that’s cool. It makes me reflect, relook at myself, situation awareness doesn’t kick in instantly. however gradually I’ll get it. They are great teachers… far more wisdom…

this is one of the usual interactions. meow : u coming back late! will supper be late? Lynn: it won’t be meow: hmm Lynn : u will welcome me home as usual. love u!

I have been feeding a new handsome stray cat recently. He didn’t respond. It shakes it’s head repeatedly especially when it’s eating. I suspect this is one of the symptoms of vertigo and hearing problem too. Interestingly, this new furry friend communicates with me telepathically by sending images of him. There’s so much happiness in receiving such a gift. Always looking forward to meeting him. It’s in the list of the little things I’m grateful for.

The artistic perspective of my furkid. meow : Is this a cat? lynn: I’d think so. meow: it has pointy ears! lynn: its ears are longer than yours! There are cats of the Pokémon series. I don’t know which character is this? Will ask your sis when she’s back.

Inspector @ work

Have you wondered why cats and dogs are curious? They want to know every nook and cranny that is happening in the house. Look who is inspecting as I’m in the midst of starting making candles. I enjoy their companion very much too.

thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful moment. although the time we spent together is short, i enjoyed it. you’re always very loved and safe.

cats are ninjas in fursuit, she is gorgeous!

Sometimes our pets try to tell us they know we’re going through something in our lives, be it challenges, roller coaster/difficult patch. Their company is so comforting, I appreciate it. Last few weeks were busy studying. phantom’s companion brings me so much joy, love, and ease off some tension. That’s really therapeutic, thank you

March 2017


Phantom is an adopted young handsome, charismatic feline. I removed his collar recently. That triggers the sense of insecurity in him.

I’ve been hearing “I want my collar back”. I had a good talk with phantom why he doesn’t need the collar anymore. phantom wearing a different collar in different places came in a vision. A beaded collar from the previous owner until he was caged and brought to AVA. A new collar by the volunteers. Confined in a cage for months with dogs barking constantly before going to the foster parents. Finally, a new collar when he came to our home. That explains why he relates the collar with his identity. He was claustrophobic, lost, in that stressful environment. I could feel his overwhelming emotions.

The story behind this collar teaches me about self-worth.

And moments that reminded who we really are.

Take time to heal, phantom. You don’t need a collar to earn your identity. You have been a great brother to a ginger kitty. You bring joy to us. You are safe. You’re lovable. Thank you for being part of my family. We love u always. July 2016