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Furry Friends Gallery

I offer energy healing and pet communication. I also provide healing for those who have loved and lost pets and are looking for support for both themselves and their furry pets. With the consent of the clients, these photos were shot following the pet communications, healing, and mediumship sessions.

Please visit the spiritual services for more details.


surprise morning greeting from a furry friend. It makes my day! Thank you

Paws up! It has turned into such a fun ritual for us. Even when I'm not around, I frequently use telepathy to communicate with my furry children. I readily discuss my schedule with them. They would contribute their two cents. Sometimes the expression on a cat's face conveys so much. Always present and friendly when speaking. that's awesome. It prompts me to pause and reflect on who I am; situation awareness doesn't immediately prevail. However, I'll learn it with time. They are excellent educators. much more wisdom...

this is one of the usual interactions. meow : u coming back late! will supper be late? Lynn: it won’t be meow: hmm Lynn : As always, you'll welcome me home. love u!

Recently, I've begun giving food to a new gorgeous stray cat. He remained silent. It frequently bobs its head, especially when eating. This may be a sign of both hearing loss and vertigo, in my opinion. It's interesting how my new animal pal talks to me telepathically by sending me pictures of him. Receiving such a present brings so much joy. Looking forward to seeing him constantly. It's on my list of modest things for which I'm thankful.

The artistic perspective of my furkid. meow : Is this a cat? lynn: I’d think so. meow: it has pointy (elongated) ears! lynn: Your ears are shorter than theirs! Cats can be found in the Pokémon series. Which character is this, exactly? When your sister gets back, I'll ask her.

Inspector @ work

Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats are inquisitive? They are curious about everything that occurs in the house, down to the last detail. I'm in the middle of starting to make candles when I notice someone inspecting. Their company is really enjoyable to me as well.

I appreciate you letting me capture this special moment. Even though our time together was brief, I found it to be enjoyable. You are always protected and incredibly adored. (a fresh face at a friend's house)

cats are ninjas in a fursuit, she is gorgeous!

Our pets occasionally make attempts to communicate with us that they are aware of problems, roller coasters, or difficult periods in our life. I enjoy their company; it's quite comforting. The previous weeks were occupied with studies. I feel so much love, joy, and relief from Phantom's companion. I sincerely appreciate that; it's healing. thank you

March 2017


Phantom is a young, attractive, and charming cat who was adopted. I recently took his collar off. He feels uneasy as a result of that.

I’ve been hearing “I want my collar back”. I had a good conversation with Phantom about why he no longer requires the collar. I had a vision of him wearing a different collar in various locations. Until he was confined and brought to AVA, the prior owner's beaded collar was on him.

Before being taken in by the foster parents, the dogs were caged and barked nonstop for months. When he arrived at our house, he finally had a new collar from me. That explains why he associates his identity with the collar. In that tense setting, he felt claustrophobic and bewildered. His intense feelings were obvious to me.

What this collar's backstory tells me about self-worth.

And times that served as a reminder of who we really are.

Let Phantom rest and heal. A collar is not necessary for establishing your identity. Our ginger cat has a great brother. You make us happy. You're secure. You're endearing. I appreciate you becoming a member of my family. We always love you Phantom. ~ July 2016

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