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It’s time to dig deep

Gentle Release

The whole situation and on-going is here to assist us with clearing our energy field of the old, past, that are weighing us down and slowing our progress in life.

The collective energies is unhealthy; toxic.

A revolution, change, transformation is needed.

The “presence”, turn of events, shift, is here to help us to dissolve cords with people, situations, events that no longer serve us in a positive way.

We have to walk out of our eluded world, let go of the old, past energies, we have attached, cling on and hold on.

Release them and move forward.

Rediscover, explore the new for yourself and all. A clean slate


The suppressed imbalance is showing up, happening now so that we could work on it. Things will start to fall into place and everything will fit perfectly.

this message is a combination of my reflection and the uplifting message from Cheryl Lee.

What seems out of harmony, will begin to feel balanced. Even you feel that some things are out of equation in the past.

It’s time to dig deep

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blessed be

photo credit to @hester_photo

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