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Life lessons we can learn from animals

Do cats and dogs have a short attention span? Mimi wants her “me time” and petting. Just as I’d enjoy the companion of my furkid.

There are lots of life lessons to learn from animals, they got it figured out without going to school! So wise..

  • Take good care of yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Aware of people, a situation that distracts you.

  • Listen to your body. Rest is necessary to recharge and rejuvenate. Take a break when you need to sort things out with yourself for more clarity...

  • Declutter your life when it's not serving you anymore. Learn to trust and let go, thank them with love.

  • Count the bliss in life. Give & receive unconditionally. Enjoy the little gifts that life, God has brought to you daily.. Appreciation and gratitude.

  • Have fun. Enjoy basking under the sun, go outdoors, connects with mother nature. Play... do what brings you joy.

  • Explore. Make sure you always have a curious spirit. Never give up or lose heart.. Have faith in yourself (belief).. keep at it..

I do agree with this remark “Cat's entire life is 'me time” their intention is pure, clear and align with their actions. “being present at all times, with awareness in everyday life” is indeed a learning journey for me.

enjoy life! not only on specific days

blessed be


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