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Mind, Body and Soul - September message from Ganesha oracle deck

Mind : Achievement

Body : Courage

Soul/Spirit : Promise of the future

The material success you've achieved and acquired, fulfilling? What is your quest? Find it in your heart.

Let go. Trust the fearless part of your being. Allow your innate gifts to shine through.

Ending phase in the cycles. It's a sign of your growth as you learn. Feel gratitude for the people, life and situations that happened in our journey that has led you to this point in time.

Accepting your gift of freedom to choose what you will pursue that is calling you and nudging you to make a bold difference in life.

Do not waiver back and forth or to be moved by the circumstances that are surrounding you at this time. Steadfast and stay committed and on tracks.

Do not give up, as change will show up and soon the situation will be transformed.

With each ending comes the promise of the new dawn.

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