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The Infinite and the Internal Explorer

Hello and welcome to the oracle card reading for May. I’m using the Lemuria oracle cards.

A sign that reminds you to end your contemplation. What has been physically dragging you and holding you back.


Your choice frees you from any situation or shackles limiting your growth.

Rebirth: extend your reach to discover how far you can.


Reckon any residual energy of responsibility, obligation that ties you down was really yours to begin with. It’s simply an illusion of false commitment to others. You'll be shocked by how much responsibility/false commitment falls when you make this choice.


“If” and "What if" is another fear facade could creeps on to you. It isn’t a safety net. Surrender that fear of the future or unknown. Let the light and truth fill and heal you.


Be a warrior, take on the role of an internal explorer.  Once you give up trying “to be in control”.  You also disengage from the ego's fighting mindset.


Go within and explore the state of flow. Wonderful opportunities and gifts are waiting for you. You are the greatest artist of your journey. Be guided by your heart and your soul. There is an infinite part of us that is God (or whatever you wish to call it).


Everything is there, waiting for your expression.

What you paint becomes your reality, your creation and manifestation.

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