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You are still remembered by us (Part 1)

Seeing the recent presence of many deceased loved ones I am reminded of the family members' memories of the Chinese New Year. The atmosphere gives off warm, contagious, happy, compassionate, and joyful feelingsand emotions.

Some families make offerings to the ancestors, perform rituals and prayers, visit temples to get blessings, and express appreciation. There is a prevalent practice among my extended family. In my childhood home, giving food offerings - favorite foods of our deceased loved ones - is a symbol of respect and kinship.

Because we remember them, the spirits of our departed loved ones and ancestors make an appearance in response. Of course, our deceased loved ones also watch over us and visit us from time to time or occasionally.

A large gathering, such as a reunion dinner, strengthens our bonds with those we love, helps us all celebrate family achievements, and helps us reconnect with our roots. In this way, the family's history, customs, and culture are passed on to the next generation.

It evokes memories to help the younger generations in strengthening their ties to the people they love, triggers memories and re-establishing their connection to our heritage.

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