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Space clearing is a ritual, a practice used to purify and cleanse negative energy in a space. The room becomes lighter, brighter, calm, and harmonious. This frequently has a positive effect on people's mental and emotional well-being as well.


Are the energies at your place of business or at home affecting you?

Have you ever felt anxious when stepping into or leaving a space?

What if it was possible to cleanse the energies in space?


The space clearing experience, I've had. I would want to impart some fundamental space clearing techniques to you. So that you can put it into practice to cleanse the space at your house or place of business. And fill your space with harmony, peace, tranquillity, and light into your space.


Among the subjects discussed in the session are:

  • Why is space clearing necessary?
  • When and how frequently should space clearing be done?
  • What are the cleansing tools used for space clearing?

Basics Of Space Clearing

  • Date & Time: 19 March,  Sunday  130 – 430 pm

    Place: Chai Chee Drive

    Energy exchange: $200.00


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