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I can convey messages from deceased loved ones to help bring about closure on issues and emotions that might otherwise remain unresolved.


Lost a loved one? Unsolved issues?

Try mediumship


Once the energy exchange has been paid for, I'll get in touch with you to discuss over the details of the appointment.

Mediumship (60 mins)

  • "I should say thank you for the amazing work that you’re doing" “I guess it will just take her sometime that’s all. I remain completely awed at how mediumship is possible and how therapeutic and healing it can be hope you have had a good rest and recharged!”


    “I’m totally appreciative of what you did." “I would think such sessions require a lot a lot of energy to hold the light. I’m totally appreciative of what you did. I’m extremely happy to hear my mum is in the paradise I fervently wished for her to be at. And I’m sure she knows I love her with all my heart. Thanks again, Lynn! “


    "I have complete trust in you. “Dear Lynn, I couldn’t even say a proper thank you to you because I was too overwhelmed. Thank you for doing what you did for me today. I’m usually not a sensitive person honestly. To be truthful I have not been able to feel the love and support energy fully but the words from you, they tell me of my mum. She is always smiling like what you described. My apologies for asking the silly question such as “does it matter on her time of death?” I totally did not mean it as a doubtful question. I’m genuinely curious! I have complete trust in you.“ 




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