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I use white sage and working tools for the cleansing ritual. Smudging has been practiced for centuries as a spiritual ritual. Smudge sticks are also regularly used on people to clear the "space" of all dense and negative energy. Smudging is usually done before or after an event/activity to clear away dense and negative energy, such as before meditation or before moving into a new home, or after a gathering, to name a few.


Each white sage has been cleansed and blessed with the intention to clear any negative energy from people, things, and places. Whatever has been cleansed is filled with the blessing, light, love, and peace of God or the Creator. The atmosphere is lighter and brighter.


  • White Sage is wrapped with 100% cotton string
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Weight : 90g


I've prepared a sage cleansing guide to be included with each purchase.

White Sage 9"

SKU: White Sage 9"
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    All orders will be processed and packed within 48 hours except for weekends and public holidays.

    Shipping (3-5 working days)

    • Free delivery for orders over $90
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