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Pet Healing, Communication or Mediumship

Pets and pet parents

  • 45 minutes
  • House call

Service Description

As an empath, I am sensitive to emotions. Out of love for animals, I offer energy healing, communication with your pets. I also do healing on those who have loved and lost pets and are seeking healing for themselves and their fur babies. Lost a pet and still grieving?Something troubling or ailing your pet? Try Pet Healing, Communication or Mediumship both pet and owner : $200 for each session of 60mins 1 pet : $100 for 30 mins for house call : 1 pet : $150 for 30 mins $190 for 2 pets $220 for 3 pets $290 for 4 pets Visit the shop, select "spiritual services" to make a session booking. If you’re looking for a online session, you can choose between skype and WhatsApp video call. I'll get in touch with you to discuss the appointment details after the energy exchange has been paid.

Contact Details

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