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I am grateful to Lynn for helping me see a clearer picture of what I have been searching for an answer to for years.  I now understand better what to expect and am more prepared.  She is so friendly and easy to communicate with and she understands how to help you clear your doubts.

Lynn is truly AMAZING! and gifted. I had seen Lynn twice though online sessions.  Lynn is easy to talk to, and very compassionate. Lynn has such a lovely soul. I want to thank Lynn for the beautiful reading. Her message for me was profound yet incredibly heartwarming. I highly recommend Lynn to everyone. Tori, May 2022

I am absolutely touched beyond words Lynn. My second session with you spells so much love as usual from my dear mum. Thank you for this therapeutic and healing session. I am not sure how else to put this across in the best manner other than saying, thank you is an understatement from me.

I’m so appreciative of the kind of impact and difference you’ve made.“ I'm so appreciative of the kind of impact and difference you’ve made to my sister. I guess she is certainly emotional for sure but at least she gets to hear from him and there is some sort of “closure”. Most importantly, she knows there is an avenue to still somewhat have some ways to know what he was thinking. I guess it will just take her sometime that’s all. I should say thank you for the amazing work that you’re doing. I remain completely awed at how mediumship is possible and how therapeutic and healing it can be ❤ hope you have had a good rest and recharged! Xj, May 2019

Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for your help. Coffee is back home safe & sound. He’s neither dirty, hurt nor traumatized. Guess he may have gone play & lost his way back. After resting for 2 days, we’re back to our routine night walk now. When I didn’t see him for 4-5 days, I was kind of worry for his safety. And when you tell me he’s safe but miss home, I felt more at ease, knowing that given time he’ll be back. True enough he came back the next morning. Thank you for communicating with him, making him feel safe & not alone.”  Kam, 2018

When a pet I know hasn’t come home for days, I feel for my friend. I’m concerned about the well-being of the pet and try to help in any way. My thanks and gratitude for the help of the angels in answering my prayer.

Hi Lynn, thanks for coming over to communicate with Chloe and help with her healing. really appreciate it cos it helps us to understand her better.

Thanks for giving Cooper a healing session yesterday. He’s definitely happier and back to his cheeky old self. 

- Hui Ling

Thank you for caring for me, loving me and keeping a general check on our well being.” ~ wonderful message from two lovely dogs in an animal communication session. Often after an animal communication session, I’d encourage pet owners to think through the communicated messages. When they sort out and realised the meaning in the messages, it brings healing and empathy. I’m grateful that I can help.

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your healing last Sunday at the love & light festival. It has made a huge difference and I can sleep peacefully at night. When is a good time to get another healing session? Thanks so much for all your help." June 2022

Hi Lynn, U did the healing for me on Saturday. Thanks very much! June 2022

Dear Lynn,
I couldn’t even say a proper thank you to you because I was too overwhelmed. Thank you for doing what you did for me today. I’m usually not a sensitive person honestly. To be truthful I have not been able to feel the love and support energy fully but the words from you, they tell me of my mum. She is always smiling like what you described. My apologies for asking the silly question such as “does it matter on her time of death?” I totally did not mean it as a doubtful question. I’m genuinely curious! I have complete trust in you. Xj, June 2022

I would think such sessions require a lot a lot of energy to hold the light. I’m totally appreciative of what you did. I’m extremely happy to hear my mum is in the paradise I fervently wished for her to be at.  And I’m sure she knows I love her with all my heart. Thanks again, Lynn! Xw, June 2022

Hi Lynn-san, I felt so much lighter with a clear mind and managed to step forward from where I was struggling. Each word gets in my heart day by day and gives me lots of confidence in each different situation of my life. In fact, Lynn herself is like an angel. Her words are full of love and encouragement. It was definitely a moment able to open up my heart, being honest and connecting to myself. Awaken me to be honest, does not have to be a ‘good girl anymore, does not have to please everyone all the time, just being myself to enjoy my life. Things in my life will not change dramatically but it became a turning point in my life to understand myself and my family. My own journey has just started.

The session made me come back to who I really am. I had a very comfortable time receiving love from Lynn. I realize that I do not have to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect …maybe because it is actually perfect already… thank you it was a great time.

Your reading has given many things to think about and directions to move forward. Thank you. I’m grateful. My heart, body and mind say…. you are awesome, thank you!

Hi Lynn, just want to let you know that the healing was very good yesterday! I took your advice to rest and didn’t realize how tired I was. I feel much better, I think more energy (not so lethargic). Thank you!!!

Healing hands. That’s Lynn Loke with her Healing hands. That’s Lynn Loke in a nutshell, and I’m glad to share with you how Lynn’s deep-tissue massage made a positive difference to my health and well-being.

I’m your typical workaholic Singaporean. A busy lifestyle, long hours spent working in front of a computer, and recurring neck + shoulder + back issues led me to seek Lynn’s services. Lynn may be petite, but this little lady is strong. Her fingers unerringly located problem spots at the base of my neck, in between my shoulder blades, and along my left shoulder. She then massaged away the tension stored in those muscles; her expert touch enhanced by a custom blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. I rarely go for massages so I was initially surprised at the sharp discomfort I was experiencing. No worries, Lynn replied – my body was responding to the release of tension and toxins, and I would feel much better afterwards. True enough, after a day and a half of feeling slightly sore, the tension which had plagued my upper body for months simply vanished. I could move my neck freely and without stiffness or pain. I was impressed! Full and frank disclosure here, folks: I paid for my massage. I’m writing and sharing this review because I believe many people out there would benefit from the touch of Lynn’s healing hands. As we say in sunny Singapore, GOOD THING MUST SHARE. And I’m glad to share with you how Lynn’s deep-tissue massage made a positive difference to my health and well being. -Kelly.

Hi Lynn, I always remember your words spoken with so much compassion “Does it matter?” Do all that I seek matter or was it really something else? Thank you, Lynn, for the reading and your last-minute slot in for my much-needed healing. Indeed, it felt like a stone lifted off my chest and it felt good reaffirming my belief that my granny is and has always been around me. Though I sink in and out of the emotional distress, I also try to recover knowing the fact that I am being watched over by my angels and spirit guides who are keen to help me get back on my feet soon. The healing is a journey that I need to continue walking. I am grateful to have found you who has given me many insights into the matter at heart. Thank you.

If you are on a journey in finding clarity and inner peace, you will not want to miss visiting Lynn!“ “the session made me come back to who I really am. had a very comfortable time receiving love from Lynn. I realize that I do not have to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect …maybe because it is actually perfect already… thank you it was a great time.

"In my search for career guidance due to workplace challenges, I was cautious about choosing an intuitive reader in Singapore. Many seemed commercialized or rather expensive, and a few well-known readers (featured frequently on media sites) only offered phone sessions. Then, I discovered Lynn's website and reached out. Initially hesitant about sharing personal details with a stranger, I eventually decided to proceed. I was super glad I did!

Lynn's insightful approach helped clarify my questions for better guidance. The one-hour session provided clear and credible advice, shaping my career plans for the next six months and offering reassurance.

Additionally, Lynn detected my grief over a recent family loss (which I didn't mention initially). She conducted a mediumship session, allowing a meaningful exchange with my deceased family member, confirming her well-being and sharing personal sentiments. This part of the session felt authentic as well, with details unknown to outsiders, and Lynn did not need excessive personal information from me, such as residential address, or personal horoscopes or birthdays.

After the session, I felt more motivated and confident over the next few days. I also felt reassured that my family member was already at a better place and no longer suffering. My lethargy and depression had dissipated, so Lynn's intuitive readings must really bestow positive energies and aren't associated with any dark or blasphemous forces!"

Jeannie Chan, Nov 2023

I consulted Lynn during the Heart & Soul pop up weekend and was impressed by the accuracy of her readings. She gave very sincere advice and gently guided me towards the path I’m meant to be on. I’m thankful for her kind words and guidance.

🙏😇 Ei, Dec 2023

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