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Weekly message from the Faeries

~ 15 April - 21 April

Healing, Rejuvenation and Determination

Notice what emotions/feelings that are prominent or have been affecting you since last week or before?

These emotions come from you. Your body is reacting and responding to your thoughts about the future. Which has yet to happen.

Look into the thoughts that was and is in your mind that generates these emotions/feelings.

Are these thoughts yours or is it what you’ve listened in?

Ask why am I processing these thoughts?

Are they helping me with clarity in the situation I’m in present?

Is it an auto chain of emotional response from the overwhelming past experiences, which I used to fall into?

You can make a decision/choice in acknowledging it. Clarity happens when you’ve sorted out these emotions and feelings.

Exercise determination to clear the emotions so you can come into balance.

Allow healing to happen. It rejuvenates you with love, light and peace.

Let’s move on with the desire to experience the greatness of life!

We are here to learn from our decisions. Learn from the consequences of our actions. Learn about ourselves from true experiences. Discover the nuggets in our day-to-day living.

You are on the path of personal achievement. Let your passion be the driving force!

May you practice the sense of self always. Blessed it be


A healthy body thrives with a constant flow of balance energy.


Rejuvenating the spirit will spark the desire to experience the greatness of life.


Determination is a passion for pursuit, leading you on a path of personal achievement.


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