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These cards were created in love and light, with the prayer and intention that the user will not only be able to do detailed readings with them, but simple one-card pulls for either a message for the day, or for personal, mindful meditations as well.


Because the energies of the cards as well as the messages they contain were channelled through Spirit, the vibration of Oneness allows you to use the deck on its own or with other decks. And you may set the cards in any configuration that you feel guided to use – from three-card past, present and future to Celtic cross, horseshoe and astrological spreads.


The number of cards, too, were specially guided – neither 44, which is common in oracle decks, nor 78 in tarot. Instead, the 34 cards add up to the numerological energy of 7 – about the soul’s quest for spiritual wisdom. (by Jasmine Miller)

Love & Light Mandala Oracle

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