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Something troubling or ailing your pet?


As an empath, I am sensitive to emotions. Out of love for animals, I offer energy healing, communication with your pet.


This 30-minute house call session is for one pet at your premise. Alternatively, if you'd like an online meeting, you can use a video conference on WhatsApp or Skype. Once the energy exchange has been paid for, I'll contact you to go over the specifics of the appointment.

Pet Healing, Communication or Mediumship

  • “hi Lynn, thanks for coming over..." “Hi Lynn, thanks for coming over to communicate with Chloe and help with her healing. really appreciate it cos it helps us to understand her better. “


    “Thanks for giving Cooper a healing session yesterday.." “Thanks for giving Cooper a healing session yesterday. He’s definitely happier and back to his cheeky old self.” Hui Ling


    Thank you for the session to hear Starch out on his separation anxiety issue. Though we did not resolve the issue but the session has helped me understand him better. You went beyond the ask to share how I could bring my relationship closer with my daughter. Appreciated it.