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I connect with your angels and guides to offer insights into specific situations, giving different perspectives and clarity to uplift and heal the spirit.


By applying the insights and perspectives from the reading, you can go deeper into a specific situation.  You might need guidance in a certain circumstance

. Here are some questions you could consider asking:

* General Guidance 

* Relationships

* Career and Finances

* Personal Growth and Spirituality

* Decision Making

* Challenges and Obstacles

* Health and Well-Being

* Future Outlook or General timeline reading for the upcoming six or twelve months.


Duration : 60 mins


Besides psychic reading in person if you’re looking for a online psychic reading, you can choose between skype and WhatsApp video call. I'll get in touch with you to discuss the appointment details after the energy exchange has been paid.

Psychic Readings (60 mins)

  • I am grateful to Lynn for helping me see a clearer picture of what I have been searching for an answer for years.  I now understand better of what to expect and be more prepared.  She is so friendly and easy to communicate with and she understand how to help you clear your doubts.


    Lynn is truly AMAZING! and gifted. I had seen Lynn twice though online sessions.  Lynn is easy to talk to, and very compassionate. Lynn has such a lovely soul. I want to thank Lynn for the beautiful reading. Her message for me was profound yet incredibly heartwarming. I highly recommend Lynn to everyone.


    “I am absolutely touched beyond words..."“I am absolutely touched beyond words Lynn. My second session with you spells so much love as usual from my dear mum. Thank you for this therapeutic and healing session. I am not sure how else to put this across in the best manner other than saying, thank you is an understatement from me“


    “I’m so appreciative of the kind of impact and difference you’ve made.“ I'm so appreciative of the kind of impact and difference you’ve made to my sister. I guess she is certainly emotional for sure but at least she gets to hear from him and there is some sort of “closure”. Most importantly, she knows there is an avenue to still somewhat have some ways to know what he was thinking.”


    "I felt so much lighter with a clear mind..." “Hi Lynn-san, I felt so much lighter with a clear mind and managed to step forward from where I was struggling. Each word gets in my heart day by day and gives me lots of confidence in each different situation of my life. In fact, Lynn herself is like an angel. Her words are full of love and encouragement. It was definitely a moment able to open up my heart, being honest and connecting to myself. Awaken me to be honest, does not have to be a ‘good girl anymore, does not have to please everyone all the time, just being myself to enjoy my life. Things in my life will not change dramatically but it became a turning point in my life to understand myself and my family. My own journey has just started.”


     “Your reading has given many things to think about and directions to move forward. Thank you. I’m grateful. My heart, body and mind say…. you are awesome, thank you!”


    " I am grateful to have found you who has given me many insights into the matter at heart. Thank you." “Hi Lynn, I always remember your words spoken with so much compassion “Does it matter?” Do all that I seek matter or was it really something else? Thank you, Lynn, for the reading and your last-minute slot in for my much-needed healing. Indeed, it felt like a stone lifted off my chest and it felt good reaffirming my belief that my granny is and has always been around me. Though I sink in and out of the emotional distress, I also try to recover knowing the fact that I am being watched over by my angels and spirit guides who are keen to help me get back on my feet soon. The healing is a journey that I need to continue walking. I am grateful to have found you who has given me many insights into the matter at heart. Thank you.


    If you are on a journey in finding clarity and inner peace, you will not want to miss visiting Lynn!“ “the session made me come back to who I really am. had a very comfortable time receiving love from Lynn. I realize that I do not have to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect …maybe because it is actually perfect already… thank you it was a great time.

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