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Sound healing using crystal singing bowls to cleanse, heal and bring you into balance. It also works on the chakras. This session is also suitable for children.


Most people feel peace and deeply relaxed both physically and emotionally during and after the sound healing session. The probable results include reduced anxiety, clarity, balance, healing and tranquillity. Lightness as a result of the block energy being cleared.


How often can you go for a sound bath?

It is entirely up to you; it could be as often as weekly. It depends on a particular issue or on a specific concern you want to work on. Each session and experience is unique for each individual. Sometimes all you need to do is ease up, improve psychological well-being or simply a general healing.


To make an appointment, please pay the energy exchange for the service. I’ll get in touch with you to confirm the details of the appointment.  I respond to customer requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sound Healing (45 mins)

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