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White Sage Candle (420g)

Both the Babylonians and the Egyptians use white sage as a ceremonial plant. Native Americans have utilized it for ages in rituals and ceremonies to get the desired effects.


This combination of infused white sage leaves and natural aromas cleanses and transmutes negative energies into positive. Bringing light and harmony to the space.


when doing something calming, like reading, doing meditation, or having guests over to your sanctuary. The white sage candle has many wonderful properties, like easing stress and anxiety and promoting a calm, helpful atmosphere for everyone in addition to cleansing the energy in the space.


In my cleansing ritual, I usually use a white sage candle and white sage.


Each candle is individually hand-poured using premium-grade natural soy wax and white sage that reflects Lynn's passion. The candle jar can be reused or recycled to protect the environment.



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White Sage Candle (420g)