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message from the realm of Lemuria; 7 April 2023

Energy goes where attention flows, and if our thoughts and focus are fixated on something that opposes what we want to bring to our lives, this will cause dissonance.

Is there an internal sabotage? Are we, without realizing it, undermining ourselves through our language, our worries, and the broken records that play in our minds?

To bring something into your life, become the vibrational match for it.

Imagine what it feels like to already have what you desire and cultivate that feeling. This is the key to powerful manifesting. Preparing ourselves and our environment, as if what we are manifesting is a certainty also creates a shift in our thinking. When we want and strive for something, we create more wanting and striving. When we immerse ourselves in what it is like to already have something, we will be in the perfect vibration to receive it.

Also, consider whether you are choosing to manifest something from fear or love. Unfortunately, if our wants are driven by or born out of fear, we will amplify this. When our heart motivates our desires, whatever we manifest is aligned with love.

Look at where your desires and manifestations are being seeded.

If your plans or dreams aren’t unfolding as you would like them to, it’s time to take a deeper look at other areas in your life.

Is something out of step with integrity? Are you making decisions through fear or love? If it is through fear or avoidance, your manifestations may seemingly backfire to encourage experiences that will bring you back into balance.

It is time to become a vibrational match for what you are seeking. Instead of striving harder for something, cultivate the feeling of already having all you seek. You will be surprised at what this shift in perspective creates.

may this beautiful message bring you love, light and hope. Brings forth awakening and motivation to kick-start any sleeping energy. Also, power up and leap into action. My gratitude and thanks to Izzy Ivy

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