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Plant A Seed Of Love

Offer love and harvest happiness

Message for the week of Dec 18-24, 2022

Plant, is equivalent to sow. Equivalent to stitching, and sewing. Using the energy of the soul, heart, and the frequency of love combined together.

Next is the ingredient of intention.

Which is also the life force. Part and all of what it is adapted to nurture the seed into its seedings and the stages of a plant, adulthood, and the aging cycle of life.

The life force that we manifest comes from the seed of intention.

It comes from a pure heart. Before that purification has to happen. It allows grieving of the old energies which is hidden in the layers upon layers that we had at an unconscious level layered it. Turning our head away not facing “that” time and space.

Space refers to your conscious effort in that of incident of time and space.

Courage comes from wanting to be healed. The readiness has to be present. Are you?

Commitment? What’s that?

It’s from the soul and heart that illuminates this clearing and is ready to deal with it.

It’s a gentle confrontation yet power and impact to acknowledge oneself to take action to put yourself in that state of being.

All opens doors for you to walk down that path of the inner chamber of secrets.

Secrets, when is unravel transforms, turns into the flow of love and light.

Transformation takes stages and time to live in that new phase of transformation.

That’s harvest. What do farmers do after harvesting?

Enjoy the fulfillment from the nourishment of the fruits. Sweeten as always is the essence of the roots and from the trees.

It is a continuous generation that is happening and progressing on earth.

Tilt the earth before you plant. Sow the seed.

Mother Earth too is in such process and progress. Tilt, weed, clearing, dispensing, discarding, making itself fertile and ready for the next cycle of evolution for mankind.

She’s doing this to nurture her children in her cradle of love, light, and warmth.

“Protection” safeguard that all is well, blessings from her as a nurturer.

With love always

Mother Gaia for the mother is always with her children, connected. Connection is never stops the flow.

It could be a message for the week, as the time span is for you to decide when it’s useful to you. For lessons in lessons in time to be.

My sincere love, gratitude, and thanks for the messages that have been sent. I also want to express my gratitude to Rassouli for the messages from his exquisite card decks.

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