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Resisting change

Resisting change is like thinking you have stepped on a landmine. You decide to keep your foot on the landmine and do not move forward out of fear. You convince yourself that there are dire repercussions if you take your foot off the landmine. These seemingly dire repercussions and catastrophizing on the worst scenarios are false beliefs created by your limited perspectives of life.

You might have heard about "cognitive distortions, ways that our mind convinces us of one thing when in reality it’s completely untrue. These inaccurate thoughts are usually used to reinforce negative thinking patterns — telling ourselves things that sound rational and truthful but in reality, only serve to trigger feelings of negativity and pessimism. These thoughts are irrational. In fact, it’s not the event itself that causes feelings of negativity; it’s your response to the event – your mindset."

If you catch yourself falling into the familiar thinking traps, you can get out of it. Also, stop it from blinding you and or preventing you from seeing the bigger picture.

Was it really a landmine you have stepped on?

What could be worse than staying in a place that creates stress and anxiety?

What is the worst that could happen to you?

Breathe... take a few deep breathes to come back into the present and ground yourself.

Trust in yourself. Take a leap of faith, and step forward to embrace the changes in your life. You might realize that what convinced you was a landmine was actually a wonderful opportunity for growth.

When I challenge myself in answering those questions, it brings more clarity. Perseverance is the key here to walk out of the fog. Be a warrior of your life.

May you benefit from the above experiences. blessed it be


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