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The chess board of life

Imagine you are looking at a chessboard while a game of chess is at play.

You stare intently at the chessboard and recognize it as a reflection of the current state of your life. What you are going through? What have you created? What can you create?

The heart and soul of your life are strong. Inevitably, the struggle is always within ourselves when we try to find balance and peace in life. What are you going to do about the upcoming events ahead? What choices do you need to make?

Inner strength, belief, and faith are always within you. Recognize the power you have given away to the other players in your life – this affects you and dictates how you live.

Like the chess player of your own life, you could exercise your free will and make your next move. Our lives are made up of the daily choices we make. Rome is not built in a day. We go through different seasons in life. There will be some battles we have to fight. Constant awareness of what it is what we wish to create in this life. Aware of what we need to let go of, forgive each other and ourselves with love, and move on.

Most importantly, we learn to honor and respect ourselves.

The wheel of life is, already in motion. Knowing your past choices and the repeated patterns are a reflection of the current state and shape your life today. Are you happy with it?

Life is always our best teacher. What will you do with the gift of a present every day?

Intentions for making choices. Why did you make this choice? What is the driving force that is leading you to make it?

In action with the heart, dance with joy. Blessed it be.

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